Here Are How Reality Star ‘Alex Unusual’ Leaves Up To Her Name

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    There is nothing of the sort as a “dull moment” with Alex Unusual — particularly with regards to her beauty. She switches up her look so much of the time, attempting to keep track can give you whiplash.

    We’ve seen the model stone everything from waist-length to a short and smooth sway. And keeping in mind that she can pull off practically any style it’s her most recent ‘do that has us totally enamoured.

    Alex as of late took to Instagram to make a big appearance of swerving between different colours of hairstyles from blue to blonde, winev, purple and the likes. Below are photos of Alex in different colours of hairstyles.

    1. Alex looking confident in a silver hair colour 

    2. Alex storms her Instagram page with a stunning look of her in a green hair colour 

    3. The Ex-BBN housemate, Alex Asogwa appears to be rocking her blue hair colour

    4. Seeing her in a wine hair colour, she looks so perfect! 


    6. She blends different colours of hair so nicely




    7. Alex turns head beautifully in purple hair colour

    How wonderful is it, seeing how she blends her hairstyles and colours with her outfit! What do you think? 


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