Korra Obidi Announce Divorce VICTORY & Her Ex, Justin Dean Says Failure Is Nothing To Be Celebrated

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Nigerian singing-dancing princess Korra Obidi on Friday, November 18th, announced that her divorce is finalized. Taking to her Facebook page, the 31-year-old mother of two announced she is divorced and free. The hearing took place on Friday, November 18th, 2022. Her ex-husband has also reacted to the new development via his Facebook page. Despite announcing that he is getting a divorce first, It looks like reality has finally hit him.

While looking sad and defeated, he is saying that divorce is nothing to be celebrated. This comes after a back-and-forth battle with the former couple, who were married for over three years and used Facebook to display their love and marriage journey. Just days after welcoming their second child, Justin Dean dropped a bombshell and publicly announced he was divorcing Korra in March of 2022. It turned out that Korra is the one who eventually filed for divorce after he walked out on her leaving her with a then two-year-old daughter, June and a newborn who was barely five days old at the time. His sudden move raised a mixed reaction and flood of emotions among their fans and everyone who came across their story.

Many believe this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Korra to take a bold step and end the marriage by filing for divorce. Nancy Umeh, the older sister of Korra, has also revealed that the couple behind their social media perfect life were like cat and mouse and often threatened each other with divorce suits. According to her, Justin Dean coming out to announce divorce was to scare Korra and force her to apologise to him over some issues they faced at the time. Sadly it didn’t work this time. Korra, who had reportedly had enough of the drama, shocked him by filing for a divorce instead and began to move on with her life. #KorraObidi #JustinDean #KorraObidimarriage #Korra #KorraObidiLifestyle #KorraObidihusband #NancyUmeh

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