‘Men Cry, Men Break Down’ – Ubi Franklin Calls For More Support Towards The Male Gender

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Renowned Nigerian media mogul Ubi Franklin has taken to social media to issue a rallying cry on behalf of the male gender.

Ubi Franklin believes that men are also partakers of the general problems of life as they are far from flawless. On this note, they should be afforded more support and encouragement.

The media mogul and businessman made this known via her Instagram page on Friday, July 10, 2020.

In his post, the father of four stated that it is normal for men to struggle in life as they have their own insecurities to contend with.

Ubi Franklin says men should not be belittled or silenced.

He also added that men should not be belittled or silenced.

He wrote: “Men cry. Men break down. Men get anxiety. Men have emotions. Men feel insecure. Men get abused. Men have mental illnesses. It’s not ‘unmanly’ to struggle. Support men. Encourage men. Don’t belittle men. Don’t silent men.”

Ubi Franklin is a Nigerian music artist manager, entrepreneur, TV show host and the founder of record label Made Men Music Group (Triple MG).

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