Motivation Monday: Keep Hatching Those Tiny Dreams Until You Hatch A Golden One!

    Photo by Victor Nnakwe on Unsplash
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    Life is a continual struggle until you make it. Remember that consistency is key when it comes to passion, projects and ideas. That tiny dream of yours might one day become something big. Below is a little motivation Poem to brighten up your day and perhaps boost your feelings about working hard.

    “Keep dreaming

    Keep creating

    Keep hatching your small tiny, tiny little dreams, until you hatch a golden one

    No one said it’s going to be accessible

    No one said it’s going to be arduous either

    No one said the world is a gold mine

    But that doesn’t mean you should stop digging

    Dreams have wings

    Dreams have soul

    Dreams have superpowers that can give you boost

    You can do this,

    Of course, you’ve got this

    Just tell yourself over and over again, It’s all about the experience, and I’ve got the power and what it takes

    Don’t fight it

    Don’t question it

    Don’t wonder why it doesn’t come, mostly when you’re on the edge of need

    We see it happen to others

    We watch their dreams grow wings or morph

    We wonder why we don’t have it in us, are they more special than us

    Remember there is a sequential moment called time

    Remember everyone has got their magical time

    Remember dreams have a soul and may pick you when you list expect, and it wouldn’t matter the time or day

    Until that day arrives

    Work on your craft, work on your sword

    Master your moves and be ready to slay

    Just like Arya from Games Of Thrones

    So, until then, tell yourself over and over again

    I’ll keep dreaming

    I’ll keep creating

    I’ll keep hatching my small tiny, tiny little dreams until I hatch a golden one”.

    Written by Noellin
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