Mr. Ibu Showers Prayers On His Daughter Jasmine, As She Splashes Millions On A Brand New SUV Car

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Nollywood actor, John Okafor better known as Mr. Ibu has said a word of prayer for his beloved daughter, Jasmine Okafor after she acquired a new car.

It was reported hours ago that Jasmine had acquired a brand-new car.

The content creator had shared several photos of her with her new whip.

Congratulating herself on her new feat, she expressed how happy she was to have worked with the auto brand Still Autos for her newest property.

In an update to it, Jasmine posted a video of her father, Mr. Ibu, praying for her.

Sharing the video on her Instagram page, she expressed gratitude to him for the prayers.

She stated that she has confidence in the fact that with him, her steps are guided through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Jasmine mentioned how Mr. Ibu always reminded her of how bright her future could be if she humbled herself and was coachable.

She appreciated her creator for consistently seeing her through the journey called life and was thankful to Him for constantly mentoring her.

“Thank you for your prayers, Papa! I have confidence in the fact that with you my steps are guided through Jesus Christ our Lord! @reammribu!!!!! You always reminded me how bright my future could be if I humble myself and be coachable, am grateful to God for consistently seeing me through this journey called life, and am thankful to you for constantly mentoring me!

Thank you all for the congratulatory messages yesterday! You’re next in line! Y’all stay blessed”.

The love between Mr. Ibu and his daughter, Jasmine, is unbeatable.

Mr. Ibu reacts to his wife’s allegations of having an affair with her.

Recall that during his marital drama with his wife, Stella Maris, Mr. Ibu stood beside his daughter, Jasmine.

Recall that Mr. Ibu’s wife had gone to controversial blogger Gistlover to cry for help over how Jasmine, who has been posing as his daughter, had taken advantage of him.

She claimed that the social media influencer was plotting to sell his house and had taken control of his social media pages. She further alleged that Jasmine and Mr. Ibu were having an affair.

Reacting to it, Mr. Ibu, via an interview with a media personality, debunked his wife’s allegations.

The veteran stated that Jasmine is his daughter, as he adopted her when she was a toddler. Mr. Ibu further clarified that he isn’t having any sexual affair with her and that all his wife’s claims are lies.

Mr. Ibu disclosed how Jasmine stood by him when he was ill, took care of all his medical expenses, and has been helping out with his financial responsibilities.


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