Naomi Campbell Takes Coronavirus Protection To A Whole New Level!

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Famous supermodel Naomi Campbell is taking extra safety measures to stay gem free while going about her business in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. Sharing some interesting photos on social media, with the caption, ‘Safety first’, the supermodel while at the airport rocked a full Hazard suit with goggles and gloves, and has got people talking. Is she taking the dress code way too far?

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While some us are too worried to travel with most deciding to stay indoors in this Coronavirus era, 49 runway queen Naomi Campbell who has places to be, has found the perfect way to dress for airport trips.

As fears surrounding the spread of covid-19 continue to grow and airports across the globe taking precautionary measures, this black beauty appears to be more concerned with staying healthy than being caught looking less glamorous. On Tuesday, March the 10th, the self-confessed germophobe took to her Instagram page to share photos of her at Los Angeles International Airport. She appeared to be wearing a full-body white hazmat suit, a blue face mask, safety goggles and purple gloves.

This is not the first time the supermodel will be sharing one of the extreme precautionary measures she takes during travelling and in-flight hygiene. Naomi revealed she is a hygiene freak in 2019, after sharing her travelling ritual and how she cleans the first-class plane sits and its surroundings before making herself comfortable in them.

In the viral clip, she shared a shocking cleaning routine she carries out every time she boards a plane, explaining how it helps keep her healthy because of her jet setting lifestyle. To her fan’s surprise, she packs disinfectant wipes and cleans every part of her seat and the surrounding area before sitting down. In the video, where she made this revelation in 2019, she was seen wearing a set of silk Burberry pyjamas, protective face mask and white surgical gloves while holding up some Dettol cleaning wipes. All on a plane. And now, in 2020 and in the wake of Coronavirus, she fully dressed and equipt with sanitizers and disinfectants making sure the virus doesn’t get in the way of her business while travelling.

Reports on March, 11 2020, confirmed that more than 4,000 people with coronavirus had died worldwide, and more than 110,000 have been infected so far.  Music festival Coachella which take place in April every year since 2001 has been cancelled and pushed to the last week of October this year. Other celebrities are also taken precautionary measures. British rapper, Stormzy was recently forced to postpone the Asian leg of his

“Heavy Is The Head” world tour due to the virus. The grime artist confirmed the cancellation in a tweet, expressing his disappointment. : “I was seriously looking forward to bringing the #HITH world tour to Asia and playing some epic sold-out shows but due to the ongoing health and travel concerns surrounding the coronavirus. “I’m regrettably having to reschedule this leg of the tour.”

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