Nigerian Pastors Called Exposed For Not Attending Prophet T.B Joshua’s Burial

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As prophet Odumeje finally summoned the courage to visit late prophet TB Joshua’s widow to extend his condolences, Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church has come out to declare that he ‘loves all Ministers of God but he is not friends with every one of them’. 

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All these declarations are coming over a month after Prophet TB Joshua passed on to the great beyond and after the popular televangelist was laid to eternal rest on Friday, July 9, in the premises of his church in Ikotun Egbe, Lagos.

Apart from the Synagogue Church of All Nations, members who gathered to pay their last respect to the cleric who during his life touched the lives of many people of all races, countries, and a few Nigerian dignitaries, were in attendance of his burial ceremony. Even residents of Ikotun Egbe, where his church is situated, equally came out in droves and amidst tears to say their final goodbyes to the late TB Joshua.

Shockingly, top Nigerian mega pastors which include; Chris Oyakhilome, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Paul Adefarasin, William Kumuyi, E.A. Adeboye, D.K Olukoya, Chris Okotie, and many others who refused to send their condolences upon hearing his demise, surprisingly also snubbed his funeral and burial ceremony and were noticeably absent during the funeral. 

These popular men of God have come under heavy criticism from people who have sadly labelled them as FAKE and poor role models for their various congregants by their lack of compassion and act of dislike for T.B Joshua even in death.

Also reacting is the likes of Zambia based flamboyant pastor Seer1, Daddy Freeze and Reno Omokri who took to social media to air their views on popular Nigerian pastors that snubbed TB Joshua’s death and burial.

TB Joshua’s Burial Rites

After years of teaching the scriptures, revolutionizing Christendom, healing the sick, and giving selflessly to the downtrodden, TB Joshua, the founder of one of Africa’s largest churches, the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), passed away on June 5 of 2021, a few days to his 58th birthday anniversary. Amidst tears, tribute, and kind words about all the good he did during his lifetime, the late prophet hailing from Arigidi, Akoko, in Ondo, was finally laid to rest on July 9 of 2021, inside his church premises in Lagos. 

The likes of Patience Jonathan, Dele Momodu, Olori Naomi Ogunwusi, David Lyon, former governorship candidate of Bayelsa State, Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, ably represented by the state commissioner of Home Affairs Anofiu Elegushi were all in attendance to pay homage to the late prophet. World-renowned gospel singers Shirley Murdock and Byron Cage and preachers from Israel and Argentina were equally spotted in attendance during the final burial ceremony of the well-cherished man of God. Speaking at the burial, the Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, described the death of the late prophet as a huge loss to the people of Ondo State. At the same time, he lauded him with praise for contributing immensely to the emancipation of the downtrodden, orphans, widows, and less privileged in the world.

Interestingly, top Nigerian pastors did not only refuse to send their condolences to T.B Joshua’s family, they equally snubbed his burial, reinforcing the dislike and disdain they felt towards him while still alive.

Indeed during his lifetime, TB Joshua was extremely disliked by his fellow pastors. Apart from ostracizing him on the grounds that he is a fake pastor and occultist performing miracles with black magic powers, TB Joshua was reportedly despised by them for all the humanitarian works he did and the recognition across the globe. For this reason, they declined his application to join the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN).

Coming after his sudden death, however, many expected that as Christian leaders, known for preaching the gospel of Christ, they would bury whatever feelings of dislike they had for TB Joshua and do the barest minimum, which is to commiserate with both his family and church members on their loss. But these top mega pastors took everyone by surprise as they chose to spurn the death of the late prophet, refusing to pay a condolence visit to his widow or publicly commiserate with his family.

As expected, they were heavily criticized by People for this unchristlike attitude, with many wondering what the late TB Joshua must have done to warrant such hatred even in his grave. In a bid to redeem their image, the Christian Association of Nigeria published a message commiserating with the late cleric family and followers, causing many to believe that these top pastors had let go of whatever ill feelings they have towards TB Joshua. Sadly, come the day of his burial on July 9 of 2021, they again rebuffed his person. Apart from National CAN Secretary Apostle Abiodun Sanyaolu, a representative of the Lagos State CAN branch, Stephen Oyinlola, and a few lesser-known pastors in attendance, not a single popular pastor in Nigeria was seen at the final burial ceremony of the late prophet TB Joshua. 

In a never seen before fashion, they have begun facing heavy backlash from Christians, Calling them a coven of fake pastors. Many have begun campaigning for their congregants to shun their future church services. According to many people, they don’t practice what they preach, adding that their decision to shun the burial of TB Joshua was definitely not influenced by the teachings of the Bible.

Also reacting, Seer1, a popular Nigerian pastor based in Zambia, blasted his colleagues, saying that there is no love in Christianity. Confirming that none of the major Nigerian general overseers attended TB Joshua’s burial, he said they will still climb their well-decorated altars, wearing the most expensive and designer shirts to preach about love. He then added, “let me once again tell you the truth, there is no love in Christianity. Church is now the official house of hatred and competition. Don’t allow anyone to stress you with going to church, love has left the church completely. Devil is in charge.” – Seer1

Media Personality and leader of the Free Nation church, Daddy Freeze, also criticized popular pastors in Nigerian for shunning the burial of TB Joshua. In a lengthy video shared on Instagram, Freeze referred to how Jesus Christ himself healed unbelievers and even ate with the Pharisees even though they were unbelievers, adding that popular pastors should have taken a cue from this. Speaking further, he stated that only non-Christians could continue beefing someone in death and these popular general overseers are not Christians in any way. According to him, many of these pastors judged TB Joshua despite the bible teachings against judging anyone while noting true Christianity is not practised by many Nigerians as there is no love between them. Freeze also noted that despite the dislike they showed towards TB Joshua during his lifetime and death, he did good things, great things that many of them would never surpass.

Reno Omokri, pastor and aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan however, openly disagreed with the popular opinion that top General overseers should have attended the burial of TB Joshua. According to him, it will be hypocritical of them to show up at his burial, especially because they did not associate with him during his lifetime. He wrote on Twitter, “Whether in religion, politics, or entertainment, in life, people usually only attend the funeral of men and women they associated with during their lives. If you did not associate with someone while that person lived and, more importantly, that person did not also associate with you in their lifetime, it is hypocritical to go to their funeral.

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