Who Is Obi Cubans The Igbo Business Man Who Received Over 500 Cows For His Mother’s Burial?

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There is money. Then, there is Igbo money. And then there is Anambra money.” If you are still in disbelief of this statement, then you are in for a shock as nightlife entrepreneur and Igbo Billionaire Obi Cubana breaks the record for getting the most livestock gift in Nigeria over the burial of his mother. Guinness’s book of record should be taking notes by now. As of the last count, the celebrity club owner got 346 cows, 72 rams, and 20 goats from friends, associates, and proteges, ahead of the July 16, 2021 ceremony which took place in Afor Uzo Oba in Anambra state. According to the businessman, his former employee, and celebrity Barman, Cubana Chiefpriest alone gifted him 46 cows, and young Billionaire Jowi Zaza gifted him 10 cows.

Press Play

Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, is a 45-year-old billionaire entrepreneur and highlife boss from Afor Uzo Oba in Demili South local government area of Anambra state. He is the CEO of Cubana group, a chain of nightclubs and hotels in the highbrow areas of Nigeria, including Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, and Owerri, among which is Hustle and Bustle in Abuja, Opium Cubana in Owerri, Grand Cubana Hotels in Abuja, Gustavo Cubana in Enugu, Crave Cubana in Abuja, Pablo Cubana in Lagos, Rolex Hotels, and his newly unveiled club, Casa Cubana. His net worth has been estimated to be a whopping 96 million dollars.

Obi Cubana has been described as one of the problematic and supportive socialites, and this has won him the heart of many, including politicians, celebrities, and his kinsmen. He also reportedly helped many of his fellow Igbo brothers, among which is celebrity barman, Cubana Chiefpriest, his former staff.

Obi Cubana’s Mother’s Burial

Coming after the death of his 78-year-old mother, Ezinne Odoziaku Akaeze Uche Iyiegbu, in December of 2020, his friends, associates, and proteges found the perfect opportunity to support and repay all his kindness. Like you must have guessed, they showered him with hundreds of livestock, causing him to become the centre of all discussions and social media trends. Ahead of his mother’s final burial ceremony, which took place on Friday, July 16 2021, at Uzo Oba in Anambra, the billionaire businessman received over 500 livestock alone to support the celebration.

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