Omoyele Sowore Historically Explains Why Nigeria Needs A Revolution

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Popular Nigerian activist, Omoyele Sowore in a series of Tweets has explained why Nigeria needs a revolution now more than ever, using both current happening and previous historic happening.

Tweeting, he said;

“How the Nigerian regime of impunity fucks with your mind is total conditioning since 1960: They conditioned your parents’ minds to accept that OBAFEMI AWOLOWO trained rebels to overthrow the govt in 1963.

That Fela was insane in 1977

That Dele Giwa deserved to be murdered in ‘86 because he owned a Mercedes Benz he supposedly got from Shagari.

That Moshood Abiola was unfit to be Nigeria’s president in 1993.

That Ken Wiwa was a murderer in 1995, that Shiites deserved to be mass-murdered in 2015 because they are not GENUINE Muslims.

That #LekkiMassacre2020 needed to happen because youth protesters refused to obey a simple curfew.

That Biafrans need to be extrajudicially murdered because they need to be taught new lessons not to mess with Nigeria’s sacrosanct UNITY… I could keep going because today again they have you conditioned as to why Nnamdi Kanu should be abducted from Kenya.

Why IGBOHO’s house, his family should be prime target for invasion because he’s planning to hold a peaceful rally in almighty Lagos.

They’ve conditioned you to justify all these atrocities from generation to generation! #Revolution

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