Opinion: Boko Haram will eventually Take Over The Nigerian Government!

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari attends the opening ceremony of the 26th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union at the AU headquarters in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, January 30, 2016. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri - RTX24O7J
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In years to come — I pray it not to be soon — the Boko Haram movement will take over the Nigerian Government, and the Presidency will be on the run. This is not a case of “God forbid.”

It is no longer news that Afghanistan has fallen.

The Taliban movement has taken over the capital of Afghanistan — Kabul — and the President(Ashraf Ghani) is on the run. The American Government is trying as much as possible to pull out their citizens from that territory.

Kabul is not only the capital of Afghan like we have Abuja, but also the largest city in the country. That is practically their own “Lagos” too, from findings.

This event breeds the fear that the manner in which our Government is going about the Boko Haram issue, will lead to something else.

I saw a tweet where a certain Catholic spoke about the decision of their current Parish Priest. The Priest openly said he won’t be involved in the usual ” Prayer for Nigeria.” He said he was tired, and anyone who feels otherwise can report him to the Bishop.

You could understand that as humans, we’re at a point subjected to realities that will evidently lurk around the conscience of our spiritualism. At some points, we’d have to point out the things we’re not doing well for ourselves.

Whenever one says the Government is not doing much regarding the fight against Boko Haram, one is sure to be greeted by words like “he’s from PDP.” You’ll end up being well-beleaguered, even when it’s obvious that you hardly talk about politics, let alone belonging to any political party.

A Government comes out today with the News of them winning the war against the Boko Haram movement, and the following day, the terrorist organization presents you with another attack that makes a mediocre of the government’s earlier affirmations.

You get more annoyed with a viral video of a drunk police officer cursing the Government for always sending them into the lion’s den without properly equipping them. You find out from the reaction of his colleagues, that he’s speaking the truth. The tally of soldiers saying same keeps increasing.

A young medical doctor with the Nigerian Army once told me not to look at the reports from the Government. “It’s not the way they’re reporting it — I’m happy I came back alive.” I remember him losing his fiancee to another person because she couldn’t wait for him to finish serving 2 years in the war camp. She specifically broke up with him, because she felt he would die, given the reports he gave her, regarding the number of camps being overrun by the terrorists.

A man once asked if the “Air Force” is actually being put to use. Are there even cases of Aerial reconnaissance that can prompt an Air Raid in some quarters? 

Why not involve the intelligence of other countries who know how to handle these things?

Or, are the alleged rumors of the Government knowing the patrons of the Boko Haram movement true?

Sooner than later — if the Government continues with this laxity — people will be left with no option than to follow whatever option Nnamdi Kanu presents as a solution for getting out of this contraption.

Doctors are on strike, and a lot isn’t working in this hellhole, while the men in power are busy blessing our eyes with pictures of their vacations in countries where “things are working.” Why can’t things work well here?

I just don’t want to be here when this Government makes a mockery of the prayers we’ve been observing for this country. 

I just can’t imagine this country being ruled by the Boko Haram movement, because the seizing of Afghanistan, 

is a big inspiration to some of these movements.

Written by: Edward Amah

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