Opinion: Dowen College Authorities Should All Be Sacked For The Murder Of Sylvester Oromoni!

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The Authorities of Dowen college seem not to agree that Sylvester Oromoni was beaten to death for refusing to join a cult group. The sad demise of the 12-year-old has been the recent subject of discuss in most media houses.

When his family was notified of his injuries, the school claimed he sustained them during football. But information reaching the media from the family, was that he was bullied to death – his injuries were as a result of beatings from fellow students.

The Cable Lifestyle reported that in an outpour, the boy’s father said this: “My son suffered. His birthday is next tomorrow (Dec4). I’ll celebrate it. I’ll have a cake baked. I’ll cut it on his behalf. The boys they mentioned were also reported to the school last term when they bullied junior and collected all his foodstuffs; clothes”

He later continued with this: “They put fear in him so much so that when you ask him, he might keep to himself and say ‘they will kill me’.”

Mr. Oromoni said his son, before his death, revealed that he didn’t play football.  “Junior said ‘mummy, I didn’t play ball; I didn’t fall.’”

He furthered that his son was matched on the waste and beaten by five boys who threatened others in the room to be silent about it. He said Junior suffered liver enlargement, and this is as a result of congealed blood.

If an autopsy is properly carried out and there’s a revelation of the actual cause of his death, I think the school’s authorities should all be sacked, if they’re lying. 

If the owners of the school fail to do so, then there’s no doubt they’ll be losing students. They should make the sacking public too.

What are your thoughts?

Written by: Edward Amah

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