Opinion: Tuface Should Be Intentional About His Love For Pero & Marry Her As A 2nd Wife!

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    It is universally acknowledged that Tubaba Idibia made the word “Baby Mama” popular in Nigeria. The Nigerian “Abraham” whose biggest goal in life, could be the seeming pride in wanting to populate the nation, has been on the news recently.

    Forgive my usage of “Abraham” in this context, as the Nigerian musician has done nothing close to being the father of all nations. But in Nigeria, the legend is a standard.

    Married to a wife who has two kids for him, and also actively involved in the lives of his other five children mothered by two different women, Tubaba recently got people wondering about what he would have done better.

    Annie Idibia – his wife – being the woman he married, recently came online to voice out her frustration about how the African Queen star slept in the same hotel room with one of his Baby Mamas and her kids.

    According to her, it was proper for him to sleep in a different hotel from theirs since the mother came along with her children. Sources close to Annie Idibia have been of the opinion that she’s hurting, and have come online to show with ease, their displeasure with what’s happening in their marriage.

    The brother of Tubaba – a certain Charles Idibia – on the other hand, has been dragging his brother’s wife on social media for bringing family issues online. This got some persons supporting him, while others were of the opinion that Annie must have reached her elastic limit, for her to bring it online.

    Did the music star cheat on his wife with one of his Baby Mamas? Since she’s the mother of his three kids, would one call it cheating? 

    These are the most common questions on this issue.

    But I think the superstar has shown us his inclination towards polygamy. What if there’s a third Baby Mama apart from the two the public knows about?

    I am of the opinion that Tubaba should be intentional about his love for his Baby Mama Pero, since the other Baby Mama is married. I am of the opinion that he should officially marry her as a second wife, instead of presenting the public with what seems to be a “sneaking-in and sneaking-out” attitude.

    Annie has already expressed what seems to mean “I’m done with this marriage!”

    He should marry Pero legally and allow Annie to decide if she wants to stay, or better still, stick to his wife.

    It shouldn’t be this complicated.

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    Written by: Edward Amah

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