“That I’m pregnant doesn’t mean it’s your baby,” Wife of Nigerian OAP tells Husband?

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When stories of Nedu of Wazobia Fm were making their rounds, a lot of people criticized the young man for wanting to separate from his wife. A lot of Nigerian Feminists crucified him for reasons best known to them.

You hear things like “because you’re now famous,” amidst other remarks. Some even accused him of philandering, without knowing he was the victim. Popularly known as “Alhaji Musa” in the comedy industry, the gentleman maintained his cool in the midst of all the brouhaha on his matter.

But recently, the angry ex-wife, called him out on social media, saying all manner of things to tarnish his image. I guess the devil in her had also wanted to manifest her wickedness so that people would understand the true nature of their story.

The embittered ex-husband decided to share a document that exposed an ugly fact – that he’s not the father of his child. It was a DNA result.

And instead of keeping silent, his ex-wife was quick to manifest her foolishness:

“I never for once tell him I’m pregnant for him or the baby belong to him. He assumed this on his own because we are married. I think he thinks too much and he can’t blame me for this.”

This has had the internet broken with several exclamations from different quarters. 

I think men should now understand that the supremacy card in a marriage is irrelevant these days. I encourage all men to go for DNA tests as quickly as possible, to avoid stories that hurt. A bad wife is a bad wife, and the earlier one is saved from one, the better your chances of living long.

People should stop seeing DNA tests as something wrong! The female gender has given the male gender more reasons to believe that any man who fails to run a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of his kids, is an ignorant man.

Written by: Edward Amah

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