Peter Odianosen Eromosele: Don’t Imprisoned Yourself!

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‘The worst thing a man can do to himself, is to imprisoned himself to achieve his life goal’. You don’t need to be in prison before you know you are imprisoned, when you fail to do what is expected of you, you have already imprisoned yourself.

The best life a man can live, is to free himself and do what he want for himself. When you are in a place that you are not comfortable with and you continue to remain there, you are only imprisoning yourself to live the life design for you. Imprisonment, is a thing of the mind. When your thought is not in consonant with your mind, you can be limited to make decisions that will launched you to the peak of your career. No matter where you work and the money you are being paid, when you are stop from achieving your personal goals, you are living a life of imprisonment. There is nothing like when a man is free to achieve his personal goal that will make him stand in test of time. You can leave that work one day, but your personal goal stays with you for life.

When you remain in your shell and fail to come out from it, to do the things you want, you have limited and imprisoned yourself. Failure to live the life designed for you, is living in prison, and when you are living in prison, you are deprived from achieving your goal. Therefore, anything that will want to stop you from scaling through in that job, business, craft, talent etc. must be overcome, so that you can free yourself from the bondage of imprisonment to fulfill your life pursuit. Being imprisoned, is a thing of the mind, and the choice is yours​ only you can make to free yourself from it.

You will succeed! 

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele

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