‘Racism is a Virus & You’re The Cure’ – Anthony Joshua Delivers Passionate Speech in Black Lives Matter Protest

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Anthony Joshua is one of the many important black personalities who are lending their voices to the black community protesting against racial discrimination following the death of African American George Floyd.

On Saturday, June, 6, 2020, the British-Nigerian heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua delivered a passionate speech as he showed his support for the Black Lives Matter movement by joining a protest match in his hometown of Watford.

Wearing a black hoodie with the movement’s name on the front, the reigning world champion joined hundreds of others on the peaceful protest on Saturday afternoon.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, Joshua who is currently nursing a training injury was seen being supported by crutches as he wore a knee brace on his left leg.

The highlight of the demonstration came when Joshua, surrounded by his entourage, wield the microphone and addressed the crowd. He likened ‘Racism to a Virus’ in his passionate speech and told the listening crowd of black people that they’re ‘the cure.’

He said:

“A virus that is not apologetic. A virus that spreads across all sectors of our communities, sports, education, churches, entertainment, the media, and even the government. Not just in the UK, but across the world. The virus has been declared a pandemic.

“It is out of control. And I’m not actually talking about COVID-19. The virus I’m referring to is called racism. How long are we going to allow racism to spread through our communities? And right now, we are in the community, and affect our lives without using the vaccine you already have in your possession?

“What is the possession? Me and you. You want a vaccine. I am the vaccine. We need to speak out in peaceful demonstrations, just like today. So well done, Watford. Inject the vaccine. We must not use the demonstration for selfish motives and turn it into rioting and looting.”

Check out photos from the protest below:

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: Instagram

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