Sad Situations That Sabotaged DAVIDO & CHIOMA Relationship

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    When a man walks astray for the first time, he can be covered or excused not to answer to his wife or girlfriend, but when a man commits the same sin the 2nd time or over and over again, the blanket used in covering his lies wouldn’t be enough. This is the case for singer Davido, who hasn’t debunked any rumours of father a new baby or seeing another woman despite being engaged to the one he confessed to the public that he loves dearly. Davido and Chioma’s relationship, which became official in 2018, melted many hearts, despite Davido having two official baby mama’s who are equally as hot as Chioma.

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    As many wished Chivido well, many also argued that this Celebrity love would not last for long, and Davido will soon get bored or develop cold feet and run. Well, It looks like the latter happened. Davido has been spotted spending quality time with American model Mya Yafaii which has raised many eyebrows. But we ask, did Chivido Assurance love had the foundation to withstand several temptations and challenges? What are the situations that helped sabotage this Assurance ship?

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