SARO Review: The Danger of ASSUMPTIONS – Yinka Ogunde

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Entrepreneur and leadership coach Yinka Ogunde who has an extensive experience in marketing and business has reviewed Kunle Afonlayan’s latest epic movie, Anikulapo focusing on the main character Saro from a business point of view. Taking to her Facebook page, Yinka said;

‘Whilst we are all still reviewing ANIKULAPO.

As usual, I will like to take things from a business perspective.

Saro was in the business of raising the dead. The whole enterprise was great whilst the going was good. Saro fell into the trap a lot of us sometimes fall into …

We sometimes make assumptions about the market without asking the right questions and putting processes in place .

Saro made costly assumptions

He assumed the old woman will want to rise again

He assumed that his little pouch with powder will always have the powder. He did not put in place a process which will allow him to check and make sure all is intact .

I can go on and on …

In business and life, we sometimes make costly assumptions. Just because something worked last year does not mean it would work today. Every business must build in a system that promotes constant evaluation.

Saro fell into the trap of Costly assumptions.

What are the assumptions you are making about your business that can bring about a loss.

Time to evaluate’

Coach Yinka

Before the thought provoking review from a business post of view, Yinka also made a general review of the movies and tagged it part one. Read below.

‘Thank you Kunle Afolayan for making us think. ANIKULAPO…( I have captured death in my pocket or is it I have death in my pocket) …

It has been quite interesting reading comments and posts on it and I think you have successfully passed the message …

The blame game

The very handsome SARO who never expected to be in the position that he found himself. Like millions of others before him, he could not manage fame. He could not manage power . With power and position comes a lot of responsibility.The ability to manage power well is what makes success.

Saro did not do anything strange. He did what you and I would probably do if we are unable to process our lives and grow( Don’t mind me, I am a personal development coach)

Saro did what anyone who fails to develop the inner man will do . Personal growth does not happen automatically. It comes with reflection, awareness, mindfulness , intentional living etc…

There are a number of growth lessons to bring out . There is a Saro in us . If you make life miserable for everyone around you..,maybe it is the Saro spirit oooo..,

Coach Yinka

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