“There Is No Heaven Anywhere, The concept of heaven was created to give false hope” – Says Toniaamaka

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Author and Public speaker Toniaamaka Toniaamaka have revealed there is no heaven anywhere. In a video she posted via her Facebook page, she talked about how the prophecy of doing good and going to heaven is a scam. She wrote;

‘There is no heaven anywhere, the concept of heaven was created to comfort the weak and vulnerable who are cheated by wicked ones because if you’re to carefully study the criteria for heaven, you’ll acknowledge that it is for the ignorant, naive and victims of life who are lacking in knowledge and understanding and that’s what’s tagged holiness.

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Those who can’t fight back, those who can’t speak up because even self-expression is called rudeness/stubbornness so, they’re taught to believe that God will address the unfairness they suffered on judgement…

Then you’ll begin to wonder what’s left to judge since sins are forgiven at acknowledgement, confession and repentance.

Different shades of undiluted lies that are promoting all shades of abuse…

By the time you see those who commit those atrocities prosper in good health and financial abundance, then you’ll know that there are many more unaddressed lies…

Daily do good within your ability because it makes one to feel good and because you’re choosing to promote another person’s well-being not because of heaven nor to be accepted because there’s no any heaven anywhere and nothing you do or say is a guarantee that you’ll be accepted.

Do good because it is for your own good at long run and remove yourself from anywhere and everywhere you’re being taken for granted to protect yourself and sanity because you’re responsible for you.

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