The Dividend Of ‘Starting From Scratch” – Nkechi Bianze

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    Angel was born into a very rich family like born with a diamond spoon. She had all the good things of life. She went to the best primary and secondary schools, after which she went to study in an Ivy League college, where she came top of the class. Angel was a pompous girl.

    In her house, she doesn’t do chores. She doesn’t even wash her pants and bra. There are maids in the house 24/7. So, all she does was brush her teeth, bath herself, eat, sleep, watch movies and study.

    She graduated and got her master’s at 22. Then she started working.

    She met this guy and they started dating. But they started having issues in their relationship. The guy was always nagging her that she can’t cook and that she isn’t domesticated. She begged the guy to stick with him because no one knows tomorrow, that they should “start from scratch” in this domestication thing, but the guy refused and kept nagging.

    One day, she tried to cook just to please the guy, but the food didn’t come out well. The guy started nagging again. He later called it quit. That he can’t marry a woman who can’t cook, and who isn’t domesticated.

    This lady mourned her broken relationship and moved on.

    Six months later, she met another man. This man is more beautiful, and by far richer than the other nagging boyfriend.

    He accepted her the way she was. He would cook, clean, tidy up and do all the chores, including washing her pants and bra with the washing machine, on room temperature, while she goes party and hang out with the girls in nightclubs. He continued doing all these chores even after they got married and had three children.

    One day, he said “Honey, can you come to the kitchen and watch me while I cook?”. She reluctantly agreed after he begged her.

    She took interest in cooking and started cooking very well.

    She went for a reality show cooking competition and won.

    The prize was a 5* restaurant, and $1Million dollars.

    So started running her restaurant.

    Today, she is one of the richest chefs in the world, and she makes millions of dollars in monthly profit from running her restaurant.

    Now, she can cook very well. People come from far and wide to eat her delicious meals in her restaurant, and she’s making millions of dollars.
    Her husband is now enjoying his wife’s delicious meals and money. He doesn’t have to do chores again since they now have enough money to hire full-time domestic helps. This is the dividend of STARTING FROM SCRATCH with a woman who can’t boil water.

    The other nagging boyfriend got married to another woman who can cook. The wife had an accident, and she can’t cook anymore. He now has to do all the cooking and the chores. And they are not rich. They live on welfare benefits since he had to quit his job to be his wife’s full-time carer. If only he had been patient with his ex-girlfriend.

    Moral of the story: It pays to start from scratch.
    If you see a woman who can’t cook, and who isn’t domesticated, who is pompous too, don’t nag her. Start from scratch with her. Wash her pants if you have to do it. You never can tell, she might be the next world’s best chef.

    Many men of nowadays are FFOs (For food only). They are so concerned about their stomachs and immediate needs, they lose the chances of becoming the husbands of big millionaire chefs.

    Don’t lose the opportunity of being the wife of a millionaire chef just because you can’t cook, clean and wash pants for a few years.

    No one knows tomorrow. A woman who can’t cook today might become a very successful chef tomorrow.

    I hope Almighty God grants our men wisdom to be able to start from scratch with such women.

    Written by: Nkechi Bianze | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
    Twitter: @African_Glitz 
    Facebook: @AfricanGlitz 
    Instagram: @AfricanGlitz
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