Tonto Dikeh Inspired To Start Food Vlog After Being Fed in Her Dreams

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Nollywood drama queen Tonto Dikeh is back on social media with her somewhat baffling claims.

This time the actress recently revealed that she has been battling with some unseen entities in her dreams.

Tonto Dikeh made this known in a now deleted post via his Instagram page on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, where she called out those who have resort to harm her through diabolical means.

According to the movie star, she was forced to wake up late at night after she encountered some strange individuals in her dream who fed her with party jollof rice and chicken which she thoroughly enjoyed.

”Hi guys, I just woke up and it’s like 3 am and I have been eating in my dream and I just woke up and really like the taste of the food, she wrote.

Tonto Dikeh went on to mock those behind the treat. She stated that the weird event did not only leave her inspired, but also gave rise to the idea of starting a food vlog.

Tonto Dikeh

”’This is for everyone that participated in giving that delicious Jollof rice in my dream and strong chicken, thank you. If you thought I died, I did not die but you only inspired something.”

Delving into more details about her imminent project,  the talented actress noted that she intends to go round different fancy and local restaurant, eat their food and give a review to people about their meals.

“The aim is to make people get to know good restaurants, and great food… Imagine traveling to a remote village for the 1st time and you already know the best restaurant. Plus I think it will be fun for me and I think it would only be fair enough if it’s local and international restaurants.”

Tonto might be one of Nigeria’s most talented actors but when it comes to controversies, she takes the front seat. We can’t wait to see where this one leads to.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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