Tonto Dikeh Is A Disaster To Any Man Who Marries Her!

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    People fall in love every day, and in the same way, others fall out of love daily. But when it becomes obvious that a particular individual is always in the news due to relationship mishaps, one is made to ask certain questions out of curiosity.

    And I think they should be pardoned, for asking such questions since they’re valid.

    Tonto Dike recently found herself a new fiancé. They were to get married this December. Friends and fans of the actress were happy that she found love again. And in expressing their joy, some had to compare the young handsome man to Tonto’s ex-husband, Churchill.

    I remember reading the following:

    “See fina man, no be the other nonsense person.”

    “She got herself something better. I like her way. Go girl.”

    The words of comparison continued across the length and width of the social media space.

    However, fans of the actress were shocked by the recent news of separation happening soon – the relationship was actually a fresh one.

    Yes, Tonto Dikeh and her politician cum anti-corruption activist lover, Prince Kpokpogri, have parted way.

    The Prince, who is popularly referred to as Prince of Niger Delta and publisher of ‘Integrity Watchdog Magazine’ which is sold in Delta State, was unveiled to the public by Tonto on his birthday June 27th.

    In her exact words:

    “You’ve shown me that love is best presented as true as they come. You put a spring in my step. Falling in love with you is like the wildest roller coaster ride. Because of you, I have gotten to appreciate the finer things in life.

    Thank you for making me a better woman. Thank you for bringing immense joy and happiness to me as a woman. Thank you for changing me to the woman I am today.”

    If you recall, four years ago, her former husband Olakunle Churchill, annulled their troubled marriage which produced 5-year-old Andre Omodayo.

    According to sources, the relationship reportedly crashed after a viral voice note and a phone call between Kpokpogri and a socialite was leaked online by a notorious Instagram gossip blogger.

    It was said that the voice, suspected to belong to the prince, was bad-mouthing Tonto. The voice talked about her addiction in terms of drinking and smoking.

    Since the union was called off, there has been serious altercations, and you begin to fear for the actress.

    The ex-fiance even went ahead to hail her ex-husband online. His undertone was implying that Mr. Churchill tried to last long in the marriage. The online dragging between the ex-lovers could continue in the coming days, and it has left people wondering.

    “What if Tonto Dikeh is the problem?”

    “Tonto should just leave men alone if she can’t change.”

    The above words in quotation, and others which I couldn’t pen down, have been the angle of great point. These are comments by random people on Facebook. It is valid to ask if she’s the fault. It’s valid to say these men are not dumb, even though they somehow appear to be.

    What if Tonto Dikeh is a disaster to anyone coming for her hand in marriage? What if her ex-lovers are not fools?

    Written by: Edward Amah

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