Trinidad & Tobago National, A London Community Champion in Brent wins Prestigious Awards!

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Trinidad and Tobago national in London and Community champion in Brent wins Prestigious Awards
Harlesden residents Janelle Victory Trinidad and Tobago  National won a prestigious Award on the 28 of June at the Wintrade Awards at  Park Plaza Hotel she was nominated among 5000 entries and became a finalist which came down to 22 people and  Janelle made it.
In the category of Heritage Wintrade Woman in Trade founder CBE Yvonne Thompson supports Women Entrepreneurs in a globalized world. The movement of Wintrade stands to motivate, inspire and encourage boldness, ambition and leadership. WINTRADE (Women In Trade), is a network that serves to bridge that gap, break down barriers and give ease of access between Women entrepreneurs globally to facilitate the development of small and new businesses.
I believe wholeheartedly what made me win this Prestigious Award is my faith in God and my love for humanity people affected by addiction  the people who we often look down at in society  God has blessed with a heart for these persons
My favourite text is Matthew 21:42
Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?
Janelle is an International Businesswoman and Health Professional she is also passionate about Families Affected by Domestic Violence and Alcoholic, In Addition, she was crowned as Caribbean Ambassador for her unique work that is transforming lives in the Caribbean and the world. Janelle is the best selling author of 3 books

books and her books are on Amazon and are now at the Brent Harlesden library.

Janelle loves her community  Harlesden, which she considers the “most diverse place ever”, and which reminds her of her homeland. There is a Trinidadian roti shop and a panyard, the people are multicultural and the community is very lively – capturing all of Janelle’s favourite aspects of Trinidad. She says, “I love to celebrate and get creative. I LOVE roti and my steelpan. The culture promotes good-hearted, friendly, kind people like myself.”

Janelle is known within her community for organising life-changing events – occasions that bring people together to celebrate their Trinidadian roots. It’s important to her to plant seeds of empowerment; that young Trinidadian people know who they are and where they come from, as a key part of their upbringing.

Janelle’s childhood was not ideal. Her father was an alcoholic, and as in many families of an alcoholic this, unfortunately, led to domestic abuse, so she knows intimately the devastating effect this can have. Now she does her part to bring awareness to these issues, and to help those in need. “Too few people talk about domestic abuse and honour-based violence. With two women dying every week in the UK due to domestic violence, and an estimated 2.1 million men and women suffering domestic abuse in the UK, these statistics should be a more prominent topic in society.”

Janelle courageously uses her father’s “mess” as a message to help others, and is of the belief that people can go through painful experiences in their lives and still find the strength to transform their lives to help others. She has been invited to speak at parliament and was part of a prison ministry at her church, a means of encouraging inmates to also see that this does not have to be the end of their story.

Not only does Janelle host community events that celebrate her culture, but in March 2018 she organized a Mother’s Day Banquet – with her own funds – to recognize the women in her community who offer services such as volunteering at the community food bank, music lessons, teaching and much more. It was heart-warming to see the faces of the women who received awards. They were joined by many noteworthy officials including MP Dawn Butler, Mayor of Brent, MP Muhammed Butt, and the High Commissioners from both Trinidad and Barbados. Miss Africa and several other beauty queens also came to support this great event, all in the name of sharing knowledge and experience, and of giving inspiration for future endeavours.

It doesn’t end there. Janelle is also, Mrs Janelle Shelly Clarke-Pamphile.

Furthermore, is a  Healthcare Support Worker at Imperial College Hospital in London
Entrepreneur and Business Woman, She is a Celebrity  Florist, Designer and Events Planner which include work undertaken for
Ritz Hotel, I am also known to Trinidad and Tobago High Commission UK
She has written many books, 3 on Amazon written by her
Pain Passes and the Beauty Remains Forever
Annalise Inspires Kids to be Kind Allowing kids to express their feelings
Madiba Inspires Balck boys to think Big





“My experience with Autism is a personal one my son was diagnosed with Autism age 5

Together we wrote his book sharing our feeling and experiences to inspires

In my childhood I also suffered with Stuttering  and Slow speech this really affected my confidence I wanted to help

parents with children affected by Speech impediment, Speech delays, and Autism

I believe that Autistic children are amazing. They can climb the highest mountain and they can swim in the deepest blue sea.

The most important key to support families with Autism is Routine and Nurture

confidence in that child treat them no different they don’t want pity all they need is Love and

support builds their confidence because they are brilliant children .

I am  married to Linus Pamphile and we are blessed with four children 3boy ages 6 17, and  20 and 1 girl aged 10

The two eldest are my step children; they are all Authors and industrious.

As a mother to 3 boys and a mentor to young men in my community of Brent in London affected by addiction  I

see the strugglers our black boys have and started mentoring boys about 12 years ago from attending prison

ministry with my church  Edmonton Seventh Day Adventist  to motivate and inspire them

I believe our black boys are a great leaders of the future and it is so important to nurture them and their mindset

these young men need leadership and mentorship training many of them coming from single parents home without  a male supporters

I believe they need to realise their greatness and unleash their potential

I want to say to the younger generation to Never Give Up I know we are living in unprecedented times

Keep studying keep reading keep improving yourself  readers make leaders I learnt this very early in life ALWAYS BE PREPARED

I did not do well at my exams in Trinidad . You noticed I did not say I failed my exams No I said i did not do well

words have power speak words of power and encourage yourself ..I remember I use to listen to Les Brown the motivational speaker that transformed my life


YTEPP this educational program was founded by the Late former Prime minister Patrick MANNING.
I studied typing and English language. Vocational training without that I would not have been able to become the person I am today.
I did not go to secondary school after I left primary school because I did not do well in my common Entrance exams but look at me that did not stop me.
I was able to go College Gemal College and studied at University of East London Where I studied Nursing and Health Promotion
I learnt if you want change you have to become the change you hope to see”.
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