Very Dark Blackman Disparages Nollywood After Mr. Ibu Beseeches For Assistance On The Sick Bed

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Outspoken social commentator Martins Vincent Otse, better known as Verydarkblackman, has caused a stir with his video about Mr. Ibu and how the movie industry treats its veterans.

Africanglitz earlier reported that Mr. Ibu cried out on the hospital bed over his health.

He said he did not want his leg amputated and begged for money to take care of his health.

Shortly after the actor’s clip went viral, Verydarkblackman made a video on Instagram to drag Nollywood practitioners for neglecting the film star.

He said the Nigerian movie industry should be ashamed of itself for allowing a veteran to beg for money in public.

Verydarkblackman raises money for Mr. Ibu

In the clip, the TikTok influencer begged his followers to raise money for the ailing actor so that he could take care of his health.

He revealed that he has over 6,000 followers, and if all of them can send N1k to the actor’s account, the money will be enough to foot his medical bills.

 Verydarkblackman suggests that Nollywood should have structures for veterans.

The controversial commentator also advised the Nigerian movie industry to put up a structure for their veterans and all others who have made a mark in the industry.

He complained about how the country has failed most people and added that the movie industry should not contribute to people’s pain.

Verydarkblackman suggested that movie legends should be paid pensions from the plan Nollywood would put in place.

Verydarkblackman blasts Nkechi Blessing’s lover over Mr. Ibu

It was previously reported that Verydarkblackman slammed actress Nkechi’s lover, Xxssive, over a comment he made about Mr. Ibu’s health condition.

In the video he posted on Instagram, he likened the guy to a woman with huge hips as he made fun of his massive shape.

He said he knew that Xxssive had been trying to get his attention by looking for every opportunity to bash him.

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