What Is Actually Going On With ENIOLA BADMUS Body Transformation?

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Not because she loves chasing clout or social media drama, but because of her body size. Indeed, like Eniola once confessed, she belongs to the fat girls association in the Nigerian entertainment industry. And in February of 2020, Eniola also got fed up with her stature and challenged weight-loss brands to use her as their project.

Before we knew it, Eniola had signed a brand deal with one and was sharing workout videos on Instagram. A year and a few months later, Eniola has shocked all her haters, friends, colleagues, and fans with her body transformation. In early December, ahead of her “20 Years on Stage”, the actress shared stunning photos of herself where she looked like she had lost a lot of weight, looking gorgeous more than ever. Just like she captioned one of those photos, she instantly became the woman of the moment, a stunner, super spec, a queen and even more, with many gushing over her incredible weight loss transformation. However, many cannot stop asking if she achieved this new body from working out, photoshop or cosmetic surgery.

Interestingly, reports are flying that the actress went under the knife while visiting Turkey to get this new body. Eniola, on the other hand, has remained mute about the controversy over her body transformation. But as usual, we have done our research, and we will be giving you the tea on if Eniola Badmus got her new body under the knife or from consistent workout sessions. #EniolaBadmus #NollywoodactressEniolaBadmus #EniolaBadmusbody

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