Why I Ended My 9months Old Marriage – Mr Ibu’s Daughter, Jasmine Okafor, Explains

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Mr Ibu’s daughter Jasmine Okafor who was identified with the handle ladyjasminec took to her Instagram page to reveal why she is heading for a divorce. Explaining, she said her husband had lied to her about his previous marriage and his kids, and she never knew that he was once married with 3 grown-up children. Adding that despite their marriage being blissful, her husband’s lies have broken the union.

Jasmine recalled how she initially probed his divorced husband on his personal life before they got much intimate. She said he maintained his stance and that he was saying the truth about his life, only for her to find out from his mother much later that he actually had married with kids.

In the wake of the heartbreak, Jasmine ended the union in anger.

Africanglitznews gathered from her Instagram page, where she expressed her ordeal and wrote;

“This was the best 9 months of my life! I have no regrets whatsoever! I just won’t settle asking you about this severally before we started! Finding out today from your num, really broke me! A foundation built upon a tiny lie won’t stand! I love how you loved me! Bur hate how you never mentioned your divorce nor kids to me! Moving on I don’t think I want anybody else! Just gonna love you from a distance”.

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Mr Ibu Dancing with Jasmine his daughter.

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