Ada Ameh’s Death: How Family & Close Friends Reacted To The Shocking News Including Her Haters

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The tragic news of the passing of popular Nigerian actress Ada Ameh was a rude shock to everyone. The actress, without a doubt, was genuinely loved by her fans and colleagues in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The Johnson’s Star actress, who is gifted as a comic actor, won the hearts of millions of fans and her colleagues who had the opportunity to meet her in real life. Some confirmed that Ada Ameh knew how to make people laugh and forget their sorrow. Unfortunately, the Domitila Star passed away on July 17, 2022, at 48, after a long battle with severe depression.

In a video making the rounds, her best friend, Empress Njamah, who Ada Ameh said was more like a sister, broke down in tears while setting up a condolence register. The Cameroonian Nigerian actress who did all she could to save her bestie while alive is not the only one who deeply felt the sad, untimely exit of Ada Ameh, but also many of her colleagues. Ada Ameh’s co-stars in the African Magic Drama series, The Johnsons, to Nollywood movies co-stars and close celebrity friends, have all been reacting on social media, expressing shock and sending profound condolence messages to her family. On the other hand, controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo, instead of sending condolences, used the opportunity remind people about her fight with the actress.

Ignoring Kemi Olunloyo, many choose to recall all the good times they shared with the barrack-raised single mother that became a Nollywood sweetheart. Who are these celebrities? Stay tuned as we go over the top 11 sad and heart-shattering reactions to Ada Ameh’s Painful Exit. #AdaAmeh #AdaAmehburial #AdaAmehfuneral

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