“Am Alive, Strong, Saved And Blessed” Nollywood Actor Hanks Anuku Debunks Mental Health Rumours.

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Nollywood gangster actor Hanks Anuku has broken the silence following a video that went viral on social media during the week, raising concerns about the actor’s mental state of mind.

In the viral video, Hanks was captured wandering the streets in tattered clothes, sparking reactions from some of his fans and colleagues.

Actress Shan George, however, dismissed the video, saying ‘Anuku is not insane” as widely feared, stressing that he was on a movie set.

Debunking the claim in a short video, which he shared on his Instagram page, @ha1962anukuha, yesterday, the gangster actor said the viral video emanated from a movie set. Anuku said he has been on a movie set while accusing people circulating the video of trying to destroy his image.

His words: “I just want to let you know that today is November 18, 2022, and I’m speaking live from my cabal. This is not an old video, it’s fresh from heaven above to the earth below. Find Jesus and leave me alone.

“My love for Nigeria is for real and from the most high God. But those who hate me can come out and confess and show me who they are. Stop writing crap about me.

“If your family doesn’t have respect for Nigeria, then you better go to Jesus Christ for deliverance. Just leave me alone, please.

“Tell all these motherf*ckers who write crap about me to stop writing about me and leave me alone. If they wanna act in the movie, they can come to me. I’ve been on set and anyone using those pictures and videos on set to try and destroy my image, may the holy spirit forgive you.”

Sharing another video on Instagram, the actor added: “I am alive, strong, saved and blessed. I am wealthy. I will continue to represent Nigeria. Vote for Hank Anuku for President.”

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Hanks Anuku, who’s best known for his roles as the chief gangster of Nollywood, is not new to controversy.

In 2015, it was rumoured that the actor was HIV positive and he had gotten the deadly infection as a result of his contact with a large number of women.

Following the allegation, Hanks took to social media to debunk the report. In 2017, the actor was in the news again after he allegedly naturalized and became a Ghanaian citizen, adopting a new name, Nana Kwame Fifi Kakra.

Several years after he disappeared from the screens, Hanks resurfaced in 2019 when he registered his film academy, better known as “Hank Anuku Film Academy.” The actor hit the limelight after starring in his debut movie ‘The Skeleton.’

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