Bola Tinubu’s Embarrassing Accident Forces Nigerians To Question If He Is Fit For 2023 Election?

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu, one of Nigeria’s most powerful politicians, left Nigeria in crutches around August 2021 to undergo surgery in London after he suffered from a serious knee injury. In October of the same year, he returned looking rather sick and using a mobility aid.

However, this didn’t deter him from declaring his lifelong Ambition of becoming the president of Nigeria in 2023. Just as Nigerians began to scoff at his declaration, saying he lacks the physical and mental fitness to paddle the country’s affairs, the Jagaban of Borgu jetted off yet again for another medical trip his team claimed was a consultation trip. The 2023 president aspirant returned on February 6, walking without any mobility aid, and shocking of all, dressed in youthful clothing.

Does this mean Tinubu is finally fit as a fiddle to become president in 2023? This was the question most people asked after his return. Interestingly, the story has taken a new turn after a video showed what looked like the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress and former Lagos State governor suffered an accident on his cloth during his visit to the Awujale of Ijebuland. Tinubu, who was sitting on a black leather couch alongside some other party stalwarts, had risen to give a speech but his grey agbada appeared to have a wet patch behind. Nigerians are debating and asking if Bola Tinubu is fit to take over as Nigeria’s next president or setting himself up for tones of embarrassment before 2023? #Tinubu #BolaTinubu #TinubuPresidentialJourney

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