Abba Kyari’s Arrest & Why Many Believe It’s A Distraction To Stop Him From Facing US FBI & HUSHPUPPI

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In an epic twist of fate, disgraced supercop, Abba Kyari, was gifted an arrest warrant on Valentines Day after the Nigerian Drug Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, connected him to an Ethiopian Drug Cartel.

This is coming on the heels of the anti-narcotics agency publishing a press release on February 14, 2022, detailing how the suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police arrested drug traffickers in Enugu with 25kg of Coke alongside some other police officers. However, instead of handing the culprit over to the right department, Kyari proposed a new deal to sell some of the drugs and share the proceeds with its officers.

Knowing Nigerians can be such doubting Thomases, the agency shared footage of Kyari in the act to substantiate their allegations while declaring him wanted. Before sunset of the same day, the Nigerian Police Forced announced that Kyari, who ought to be hunting down criminals, had been hunted down by their men, handed over the NDLEA, and now behind bars. This embarrassing allegation is coming just months after the supercop boasted that he would not be going down with Hushpuppi. As you will recall, on July 29 of 2021, the Gucci Master implicated Kyari as a party to a scheme to defraud a Qatari businessman of 1.1 million dollars, adding that in return for his input, he paid the celebrated super cop 8 million Naira alongside other gifts. Since this revelation, the US has reportedly issued his arrested and extradited to the US. Kyari’s employer, the Nigerian Police Force, denied that Kyari was wanted in the US however promised to take action by investigating his indictment and suspending him from office.

With this in mind, many Nigerians are finding it hard to believe that Kyari indictment and arrest by the NDLEA is actual, suggesting that it could be a distraction to prevent his extradition to the US. Is this remotely true? Is the Nigerian government trying to shield Kyari? Would nemesis ever catch up with the disgraced supercop?

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