Did Onyeka Onwenu lie when she said her husband is nice and generous, yet never paid their children’s school fees, or dropped housekeeping money?

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    It’s a pity that the “One Love” crooner did not have a love-filled experience with her Ex-husband.

    “I really didn’t want my marriage to end, but I couldn’t take it anymore. It could have killed me; I always say and that’s the truth.”

    These statements were the major point in an interview Onyeka Owenu granted Kikelomo Atanda-Owo, anchor of ‘Real Talk with Kike’. We all know that family is a very important aspect of society. In the past several things were said about the marriage of the Nigerian songstress who is also remarkably known as the “Elegant Stallion.”

    Was it her fault?

    Was it the husband’s fault?

    The above questions have been on the lips of many for years, and I believe her recent public presentation of the issue, had gone a long way in stating what truly happened. She furthered with these words:

    “And it was not good for the children to live in that kind of environment where the mother is depressed, the mother is carrying the weight of the whole family. I raised my children from kindergarten to Master’s Degree.”

    “My husband did not pay school fees for one day. Didn’t buy clothes, didn’t pay for holidays, didn’t give me housekeeping money. Hard to believe huh? But he was a kind, nice and generous man. He was also generous occasionally, he would do something for you that would make you go, ‘Wow!’

    “But basically, there was control. If you didn’t do things the way he wanted, ‘well, I’m not going to help you, I’m not going to give you money.’”

    “And I would like to say this to Nigerians, any man who has children has a family and decides not to take care of them, you will have to answer to God. That’s mean, irresponsible, wicked, even to your own children. Forget about the wife.

    I decided to write about it because women, we keep quiet for too long, we take so much and you’re dying.”

    However, reactions to this interview have shown that lots of Nigerians don’t believe her.

    “Until I hear from your husband before I say something because your gender is unbelievable,” Azubuike Obasi said.

    “Madame, infidelity dey your blood,” said another Facebook user by the name of Shina Onajide.

    “Give us your exs contact let’s hear his story. I am sure the entire story will change,” said another user by the name of Olusoji Adrian Sogbanmu.

    Yes, just like some persons opined; the fault could be from her. The “You and I” crooner could be the reason she didn’t live with the husband as ‘one’ in her song.

    “We haven’t heard his own side of the story, u didn’t tell us the wrong you have done also,” Darlington Donrich said on Facebook.

    Another comment on social media by Hon. Mazi Jack Robinson could be well-understood too: “Just bragging about a failed marriage. The fault might even be from you…” 

    Inasmuch as it’s good to hear from her ex-husband, I do not think it’s proper to completely dismiss what she’s saying – it’s possible she’s telling the truth.

    There are women suffering from emotional abuse by husbands who use financial strengths to make the union unbearable for them.

    I know of a financially well-to-do man who never cared about the welfare of his wife and children. Mr. Ugam had the appearance of a very nice and generous man, but people never understood what was happening in his home. He was good to people around him and on a certain issue, single-handedly paid for a new transformer for our neighbourhood.

    My mother was a close friend to the wife and would tell us not to praise the man for his good deeds. Whenever I asked after her reasons for saying such, she would give me a reply of “a man who doesn’t care about his wife and kids, doesn’t deserve praises.”

    I doubted my mother’s resolve for a long time until the day the woman decided to end her marriage with Mr. Ugam.  The whole street understood that she was the only one toiling for the welfare of the kids, and because of normal married people quarrels, he decided to emotionally destabilize her.

    The highlight of the situation was when Mr. Ugam’s siblings supported the woman’s decision to leave him. From the outlook of the day’s ruckus, you would understand that the fault was entirely that of the man.

    So, since his riches played no impact in the lives of their children, she decided to leave the union, having been solely responsible for catering for their kids. I believe she left for her sanity.

    Truly, there are deadbeat fathers, and they make life miserable for their children’s mothers. That could be the case with Onyeka Owenu.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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