Gayle King Finally Responds After She Was Called Out For Focusing More On Kobe Bryant’s Rape Case During Interview!

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Gayle King who is being roasted after a clip from her recent interview with Lisa Leslie about Kobe Brant’s rape charge is making the rounds. The clip angered a lot of black people after surfacing online.
Over the past year, Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey her best friend have been accused of conducting interviews that destroys the image of Black men.

In the clip that is making rounds, King said to Leslie while speaking about late Kobe who died in a helicopter crash with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. She focused more on his rape case that was dismissed and consistently pressed on the topic to get words out of Lisa Leslie who was very close to Kobe. Viewers are very upset with King for even raising the subject.

Watch the clip


King has finally responded following the backlash. In a video posted on her Instagram page, she claims she was taken out of context because of the way the video was cut up and posted online. She added that she was shocked also when she saw the short video because they talked about several other things.

Kings Response

Addressing the situation, King said she wanted viewers to hear where she was coming from and how she was feeling. She also said there was no disrespect intended.

Actress Masika Kalysha took to Twitter to call out Gayle King for always granting interviews and doing documentaries to make black men accused of sexual offences look bad whereas they do not do same for their White male friends accused of same, such as Harvey Weinstein.

Gayle King with Harvey Weinstein.

Rappers 50 Cent has been calling out Kings and Oprah since the Michale Jackson documentary ‘Living Netherland’.

Snoop Dogg also called out King’s over the interview and says it’s disrespectful.

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