GRAND P’s On/Off Relationship With Ex-Fiancee Eudoxie Yao Is FRUSTRATING His Life

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Grand P and Eudoxie Yao are the real roller-coaster couple, if there has ever been one in the African Entertainment industry. Over the past few years since the lovers made their official debut as a celebrity couple in October of 2019, fans of Diminutive-sized Guinean Singer and self-acclaimed African Kim Kardashian have witnessed them share wonderful and romantic moments. But also, fans have watched the couple break up and make-up several times in a relationship that, at some point, many now believed it’s all about money and social media fame.

Well…Until recently, when Grand P was spotted at the beach with Eudoxie Yao struggling over their feelings for each other. Grand P asked her what she really wanted. This is after the Ivorian socialite returned to him to ask forgiveness following another breakup. The “Independence” crooner couldn’t hide his frustration anymore and wanted to know if there was a future between them or if his plus-sized girlfriend was just playing games with his heart.

Before this moment, and months after the third breakup happened, Guinean singer Grand P pulled the most incredible playboy stunt ever when he was spotted on a date with a tall, beautiful woman with red hair, causing many to believe he had moved on rather quickly with his life.

However, being seen with his former fiancee months later and Grand P expressing frustration has now got many talking all over again, with many postulating that Eudoxie Yao became Jelious, the singer moved on quickly from her. While others believe this celebrity couples are strongly not meant for each other. What’s your take on this relationship? #GrandP #EudoxieYao #GrandPandYudoxie #GrandPNewgirlfriend GrandPandgirls

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