“I Am Your Father! Your Mom Is White, I Don’t Need A DNA Test” Frustrated Man Urges Marcus Rashford To Accept Him

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A former Ghanaian international, Michael Boye Marquaye, has claimed that England striker Marcus Rashford is his biological son.

In a video posted on Twitter, Marquaye was seen inside a supermarket, where he made the claim, saying that he had kept it for too long.

“Look, Rashy, I am your father; this is going on for too long; I have been keeping quiet, you can say what you want to say about Melanie, this about Melanie that,

“I am your father, this thing has been going on for too long, I keep quiet, I am your father, you know. I respect Melanie too much and the husband but I have to tell you the truth because if I don’t tell you the truth your future, your great children, they will be lost.”

He added that he is not claiming to be Rashford’s father because of money, saying that he does not need to take a DNA test to prove if he is Rashford’s father.

“I am doing this not because of money, again I repeat not because of money but is you I want

“I get very angry but for the sake of you and the respect I have for you, I keep my mouth shut.
You can come to me at any time, my hand are open.

When asked what his name is, he responded ” Michael Boye Marquaye, I am Marcus Rashford’s biological father, I am saying that again.”

When asked who Marcus Rashford is, he said, Marcus Rashford plays for Manchester United in England. I was a prolific striker in Ghana. I am known everywhere, and everybody knows.

“If you want to challenge me, Come.

“I don’t need DNA, listen Rashy, you cannot ask me to give you DNA, I know your mum. Your mother is English, she is white and I am black”.


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