‘Kneeling Down to Propose to a Lady is Madness & Not an Igbo Tradition’ – Pete Edochie

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Nollywood veteran actor Pete Edochie has rebuffed the act of going down on one knee to propose marriage to a woman.

Pete says it is ‘madness’ and not part of the Igbo tradition, but a western induced culture.  The actor explained that a man kneeling down in front of a lady in Igbo tradition means he is relinquishing authority to her from the beginning of their union.

According to him, the right way to propose marriage in the Igbo tradition is when a lady goes down on her two knees to give wine to her husband-to-be.  He says that it means the man has been accepted as her husband and it’s the other way round if the man goes on his knee for the lady.

Pete also called on the elderly to teach the younger ones the true Igbo tradition. He added that he did not kneel down to propose to his own wife, and in the 50 years of being married to her, nobody has settled a dispute between them.

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