LABO…Life is a Journey Media Conference held in central London!

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First time Movie Producer Roseline Sanni-Ajose starts it off big!

LABO Producer (Roseline Sanni-Ajose)

The most awaited movie this 2013 movie conference and pre-premiere party took place at Thistle Hostel Marble Arch in central london on the 20th of July. The conference kicks off bringing together both Media bodies around london and some interesting parties. 

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LABO Director (Femi Fadeyi)

The conference attracted a huge turn up as the first of its kind with a room full of interesting parties and leaving most people standing. Roseline Sanni-Ajose the movie producer, poured out her heart during an emotional speech, appreciating the success of her movie and talking about how dreams can come through within a blink of an eye. The movie director Femi Fadeyi also gave a heartfelt speech talking about what it takes to be a successful movie maker, followed up by other speakers such as Pastor Sanni who is also Roseline’s father, Deputy Mayor of Lambeth, Becky Olodo a Lecturer, a high commission representative and much more. 

Deputy Mayor of Lamberth

High Commission Representative 

Producer/PR guru (Theodora Ibekwe)

Pastor Sanni


Actress (Yvonne Hays)

The Casts of LABO…Life is a journey

The director (Femi Fadeyi) Producer (Roseline Sanni- Ajose) and the Casts

All these people helped to make the night an amazing evening to remember. The event was Powered by Evergreen Media Inc, a Media Academy based in London.

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