‘My Husband Was A Good Man But Refused To Raise Our Children Or Pay Their School Fees’ Onyeka Onwenu

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The name Onyeka Onwenu needs no introduction to most Nigerians. Those who believe music is the soul’s food that soothes, educates, builds relationships, and fosters peace and unity among people. This definition, without a doubt, was explored by this beautiful star whose name has already been inscribed in Nigeria’s history. As one of Nigeria’s finest, talented, and versatile artists, Onyeka Onwenu has explored all the areas in arts. She is a writer, a journalist, an actress, a singer, and a songwriter.

However, she has gained resounding prominence more as a singer and songwriter over decades, releasing some of the best old school music that continues to remain relevant even in years to come. Onyeka is inarguably the only artist in Nigeria who can boast of using her singing and songwriting ability for activism, politics, educating people, fostering relationships, connecting to her creator (through gospel songs), and promoting One Nigeria. Songs such as You and I, Iyogogo, Wait for me, and One Love sure ring a bell. Today, she is known as a music legend and has been dubbed the “Elegant Stallion” by the Nigerian media. However, while some legends are born, Onyeka begs to differ, arguing that she is, in fact, a made legend.

The 70-year-old veteran who is ageing like fine wine affirmed this in a recent interview with Kikelomi Atanda-Ojo, where she made some shocking revelations about how she would never have been a legend if she didn’t make some callous decisions in the past, especially about her love life, family and marriage. Interestingly, many are asking some questions after her shocking revelation about her abusive marriage: Why is she exposing her ex-husband now at the age of 70? #OnyekaOnwenu #OnyekaOnwenuLife #OnykeaOnwenustory

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