#NigeriaAt61: “Nigerian Independence Was In Vain” – “We Were Better Off With Foreign Leaders”

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Nigerian 61st Nigerian Indepentth day has come and gone, what shocked me this time was the less number of people who celebrate. Even our celebrities were not smiling this time at all, while some others used the opportunity to promote their business. As the hashtag #NigeriaAt61 trended on Twitter, many Nigerians had a lot to say.

“How are we independent? We still dey borrow from China.”

“They for leave Lord Lugard and the rest to continue fooling us. Their own better.”

“Unpopular Opinion: The labours of our heroes past were in vain.”

“The president should sit his ass down in Aso rock. We don’t want him to address anybody today.”

The above, and many more, were the rantings of Nigerian Citizens concerning the Independence Day celebration. There were hardly people seen in a Happy Mood regarding the occasion. The country seems to be going backwards, more than forward.

Is anybody expected to be happy?


A similar speech to what the president gave, will repeat itself next year, meanwhile, the country is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

You can’t say millions of Nigerians are insane for speaking out their mind, and it’s sad that this post will ordinarily be seen as being sponsored by the “opposition party,” instead of trying to fix what needs to be fixed. Even when it’s obvious that many things are not working in this seeming “hell-hole” like former UK MP, David Cameron called it, the current administration tries to narrow things down to “opposition party,” whenever the citizens lament.

People are of the opinion that the Independence was in vain, and isn’t worth remembering. I also think this to be true. There were no heroes of the past if you ask me.

Everyone was just enriching themselves for the future of their generation.

If this isn’t the case, then the government has to make evident changes that should prove we’re heading somewhere safe. They honestly need to, otherwise we won’t be much surprised waking up to see that a dollar has equalled a thousand naira.

Getting used to the fact that the nation’s economy keeps collapsing, isn’t worthy of celebration.

There is no Happiness in this INDEPENDENCE 💔#NigeriaAt61 pic.twitter.com/UXkogOcKKd

Written by: Edward Amah

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