Police In USA Gift Motorists $100 For Christmas (Video)

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A surprising activity conducted by the Florida police department in the United States of America has continued to make people living in the other parts of the world to wonder if they will simply relocate to America. A viral video clip singing playing ‘Santa Claus’ that has continued to trend on social media has shown some police officers moving about to gift each set of people, they interviewed $100 for Christmas communicating to them that it came from the Ocala Police Department in Florida, US.

People that benefited from the Christmas gifts were so excited and happy to have been part of the product of this kindness on the road. A woman who was spotted in the video receiving the gift who could not actually believe her eyes shouted:

“Thank you, Jesus!”

Beneficiaries of these gifts all thought it was a joke because of the public perception that  there is no free money anywhere. “Though some say even in free town, there is no free money”.

The police continued with this benevolent act which another clip captured. Some of the officers advanced to woman that was in an area that appeared to be a park and gave her $100 a moment capturing the unprecedented scene with their bodycam.

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