Reggie Khumalo Solo Exhibition ‘Mental Revolution’ In Lagos

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Counting all the way from 13th to 20th April 2022, South African Artist, Reggie Khumalo shot his first West African solo show, ‘Mental Revolution’, hosted by J.Room in partnership with BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits at the prestigious HourGlass Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Day 1’s vernissage started with a press preview where Khumalo shared comprehensively the ethos behind his body of work, his inspiration, vacations and love for the African continent with members of the media. He was accompanied by key project stakeholders, Jimi Adesanya, Founder of J.Room Curated and Dozie Igweze, Founder of Hourglass Gallery, at a press conference where they both expressed their appreciation for Khumalo’s work and echoed their mutual love for Africa.

According to his first visit to Nigeria, Khumalo spoke:

“Nigeria, just like every other African country, is truly home to me. I’ve enjoyed meeting its people and experiencing the vibrancy of the culture first-hand. It’s been such a warm welcome, with the spirit of Ubuntu radiating everywhere you go”.

The exhibition welcomed some of Nigeria’s finest art collectors as well as thought leaders and shapers in music, business, media, fashion and more. Guests were treated to a walkthrough of the ‘Mental Revolution’ exhibition with Khumalo whilst enjoying champagne and cocktails by G.H. Mumm & Martell Nigeria.

From 15th to 20th April, ‘Mental Revolution’ officially opened to the public with creatives and an array of art enthusiasts joining the line-up of guests who experienced Khumalo’s first solo exhibition in Lagos, Nigeria.

“It has been a pleasure to host Khumalo here in Lagos, Nigeria and witness the power of collaborations with our partner BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits as well as HourGlass Gallery & G.H. Mumm Champagne. We’ve made so many impactful connections, and the reception of ‘Mental Revolution’ has been reassuring to our cause. It’s very inspiring for us at J.Room Curated, as we look to curate meaningful experiences in the future that celebrate the talent, culture and authenticity from the African continent.” – Jimi Adesanya, Founder, J.Room Curated.

South African Artist Reggie Khumalo sits with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Birthed from a profound introspective outlook, ‘Mental Revolution’ is a calling by Khumalo to the viewer to experience a radical renewal and reconnection with the origins of Africa in its “Eden” state; with Africans, fully self-assured and affirmed, belonging and aware of their self-sufficiency and adequacy. The works are bold and unapologetic about their celebration of Africans in their power, wealth, humanity and Ubuntu.

‘Mental Revolution’ was curated by J.Room Curated and BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits in partnership with HourGlass Gallery and G.H. Mumm Champagne.

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