Will Smith’s Oscars SLAP Attracted Mixed Feeling From Family, Friends & Celebrities – TOP REACTIONS

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Apart from Lupita Nyongo and Nicole Kidman Giving us the most epic facial expression after the incident at the 94th Academy Awards, several Hollywood celebrities and close friends of the actors have reacted to the unscripted viral interaction between Will Smith and Veteran Comedian Chris Rock.

The shocking moment, branded ‘the ugliest moment in Oscars history, was captured on live TV as Chris ribbed the audience while preparing to present the award for best documentary. Despite the two actors knowing each other for nearly three decades, Will Smith didn’t think twice before storming the 2022 Oscar stage to deliver a hot slap at his friend Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith and her hair. It looked like Will Smith had had enough, as this wouldn’t be the first time Chris Rock is making a joke about his wife.

Here is what he said at the award show in 2016 after Jada announced that she wouldn’t be attending the Oscars because it lacks diversity. Well, After The Oscar-winning slap went viral, several Hollywood stars reacted with some siding for Will and others for Rock, saying he handled it well. So who are the other celebs who weren’t scared to take sides and strongly voiced their opinions? #WillSmith #WillSmithandChrisRock #WillSmithAssault

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