Actor Charles Okocha Goes Gaga, Destroys Friend’s Car After Seeing His Daughter In It; Fans React

Charles Okocha destroys friend's car
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Popular Nollywood actor, Charles Okocha, has made headlines over his reaction to spotting his daughter in his friend’s car The famous movie star who was obviously very angry dragged his daughter out of his friend’s car Not stopping there, Okocha also took a spade and broke his supposed friend’s windscreen with it.

Popular Nigerian actor, Charles Okocha, was recently spotted displaying on the street after seeing his teenage daughter in his friend’s car. In the trending video, the actor was seen dragging his young daughter from the car’s front seat.

Not stopping there, the actor then obtained a spade from somewhere nearby and proceeded to destroy his friend’s car with it.

Charles Okocha had already hit the car’s windscreen so many times with the spade before onlookers intervened and tried to stop him.

See the video below

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