‘Intelligent Women Only Wait For Committed Men’ – Oge Nismah Advises Ladies After Peggy Confessed She Waited For Frederick Leonard

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Popular Social media commentator and relator Oge Nismah is advising ladies on how to wait for the right man. This is coming after Nollywood stars Peggy Overie married her boyfriend of seven years, Frederick Leonard, on November 19th and confessed that she waited for him for many years.

Reacting to the confession, Oge Nsimah wrote;

‘So over the weekend, Nollywood Actor Peggy and Fedrick got married after dating for years.

So, I saw a video of the traditional wedding ceremony where the bride was advising single ladies to be patient with their broke boyfriends.

First and foremost, young ladies, let me give you people my two cents.

 There is a certain age you will be in your life, and long dating isn’t for you.

 Young ladies who are taking their time to build up themselves to be responsible and productive in life…Please  Look well before you wait for a man.

A lot of you ladies miss out in life while waiting for the wrong person….know who to wait for and when you are wasting your time.

Do not be patient with a disloyal, dishonest and disrespectful broke boyfriend who knows nothing about commitment.

He will waste your time….Unless you wanna cruise…

In your being patience 

Make sure it’s with a committed man with growth prospects. A man that is respectful, honest and loyal

Don’t go and waste your life with an unproductive man with no growth prospects because one Nollywood actress said she waited for her broke boyfriend, and it worked for her.

Be patient with a man that has the potential to make MONEY 

Look well before you wait….time is more costly than money.

Michelle Obama, in her book Becoming, tells the story of how she was very patient with Obama.

In case you don’t know, Michelle was ahead of Obama in every ramification before he became the popular Obama we all know today.

Obama was Broke, without 2 cents to rob together.

But Michelle said, ‘I saw a COMMITTED  man with great POTENTIAL and I waited’.

See, Intelligent women only wait for committed men with great potential and healthy habits. Wait wisely, 

Don’t go and waste your life with an unproductive broken boyfriend. Allow him to fix that aspect of his adulthood first.


Oge Nsimah


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