5 Popular Nigerian Celebs Who Were In The Medical Profession Before Fame – Number 5 Will Shock You!

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Actually, it’s beginning to be necessary to believe nobody knows what the future will bring, contrary to some people’s belief that they know it all. It’s fascinating to see how people end up with the jobs they do today or how life turns out for them.

This article is going to share more details about 5 Nigerian celebrities who left their jobs as medical doctors for a career in entertainment.

1. Peruzzi (Doctor Turned Musician)

Peruzzi, a popular Nigerian singer known for songs such as “Things I Need” and “Hypertension”, studied Medical Surgery at Odessa State Medical University in Nigeria. Later, during an Instagram Live with Ubi Franklin, he revealed that he left medicine because:

“My mother encouraged me to attend medical school. I had to abandon the lab coat because it was not providing me with what I desired” he said.

However, sources provided extra information about his medical career that Peruzzi is often assumed to be a medical doctor because he had a stint at the Odessa National University in Ukraine, where he went to study medicine and surgery but didn’t complete his studies and did not obtain a degree from the institution.

Peruzzi as a medical student

Things I Need (Official Video) By Peruzzi

Hypertension (Official Video) By Peruzzi

2. Dr. Sid (Dental Surgeon Turned Musician)

The doctor in Dr. Sid’s name is not a trick to upgrade him. However, before going for a career in music, the talented singer’s behind hits like “Surulere”, “Something About You”, and “Good Time” earned a degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Ibadan and worked in a private hospital and doing a houseman ship for three years.

3. Kiki Omeili (Doctor Turned Actress)

Kiki Omeili, best known for her role as Lovette on Lekki Wives, is a Nigerian actor who was once a doctor. The actress studied medicine at the University of Lagos and graduated with honours.

“Some people think I’m crazy for leaving medicine to pursue a career in acting. I’m simply doing what I enjoy. I was always interested in stage performances and debates when I was in secondary school. When it came time for me to attend university, I decided to major in medicine. However, by the time I finished my medical studies, I realized that I was still drawn to the arts. I practiced for a while, but I needed to follow my passion”, Omeili said.

See The Interview she had with Arise TV Below.

Watch Her Live

4. Beautiful Nubia (Veterinary Doctor Turned Musician)

Segun Akinlolu, popularly known as Beautiful Nubia, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and band leader who earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Ibadan in 1992. He went on to work as a veterinarian for about eight years.

Watch Nubia’s Music

5. Kate Henshaw (Medical Microbiology Turned Actress)

The final celebrity on our list is Nigerian actress Kate Henshaw, who is a well-known actress following her debut in films such as Chief Daddy, 4th Republic, Stronger Than Pain, Domitila, etc. Kate spent one year at the University of Calabar for remedial studies after finishing primary and secondary school in Lagos and Calabar before majoring in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science, Lagos University Teaching Hospital.

“I wanted to be a doctor so that I could help people. But I discovered that I dislike blood and injections. It evolved into Medical Micro Biology, an alternative medical practice”. The fitness enthusiast said during an Instagram Live.

Watch Kate Henshaw‘s Success Story

Which of these celebrity profession revelations shocks you the most?

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