Motivation Monday: Your Association Determines Your Acceleration!

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Every cars has it different speedometer, the higher the speedometer, the higher the acceleration, the lower the speedometer the lower the acceleration. The choice is now yours to choose the type of car you want for yourself.

Coming to human, your association, determines how fast you move towards your goal. Just like in the case of the cars used as an example above, you can’t expect to accelerate faster, and you decided to move with the car with lower speedometer, you must go with the one with higher speedometer.

Your company is a major factor to reaching your goal, and once you mingle with the wrong company, the tendency for you to achieve your goal, is not possible. This is why you must go for the company that has the same vision with your goal. The ball is on your court to choose if you want to accelerate faster, or remain where you are.

You will succeed!

Happy New Week.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosel | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
Twitter: @African_Glitz 
Facebook: @AfricanGlitz 
Instagram: @AfricanGlitz
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