10 Times Rita Dominic Rocked Fashion & Reasons Why Her Styles Are Very Unique!

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    Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha is an iconic 43year old  Nigerian actress who has featured in Nollywood’s best selling movies with several awards for her awesome roles in Nigerian and African movies.

    She has got wide commendations for her high taste of exquisite fashion styles, moving on we see how awesomely she has got many galvanized by her choice of style. Going further,  we would uncover how she evolves her fascinating fashion styles with casual wears, prom dresses,  jeans, black outfits, Ankara, traditional attire and lots more. Definitely this kind would always spur up comments from followers, lovers, admirers and others.

    1.Throwback on Rita Dominic’s 2017 Fashion Style

    The well known Nollywood actress is someone who is conceived not just to be skilful and a Brainiac but a stunning fashionista as well. Her fashion sense is not a thing of recent times alone, as she displays a photo of her taken in 2017 in reminiscence of memories as she captions the post “who remembers this photo?”. The displayed photo attracted heartwarming comments from over a thousand viewers and followers on her Instagram account.


    2. Rita Dominic fashion models in a dance video




     She not only poses graciously in her stunning fashionable styles for photo capture, but she also blends into a lovely dance video on the 11th of June,2020 during the lockdown period showing forth so lovely as ever. A video is as nice as this geared comments of followers wanting to join in the lovely moment of her dancing indoors so cheerfully.

    3. She storms in traditional attire

    Rita Dominic who happen to be from the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria amazingly storms astonishingly beautifully in traditional attire. A  photo of her displayed on her Instagram was worthy of screen grab and photo save by thousands of followers. She gives the credit of the fashioned outfit to her “…dear friend and one of Africa’s leading talent in the fashion and style industry, @lanredasilvaajayi”. her traditional outfit was worthy of the caption “Happy. AFRICA. Day! Celebrating the commemoration of the foundation of African unity…” over a thousand and hundred commented on the post as some commented “ wow! beautiful attire” with over fifty-six thousand likes on her Instagram page.

    4. Fans’ appraisals of her stunning looks

    Her breathtaking fashion styles prompted her fans on Instagram to create an account of the social media platform to be able to freely reveal and display the skilfulness of their celebrity queen in making out the best of fashion thereby maintaining her breath-snatching stunning looks.

    5. She uncovers her fashion sense in casual wears.

    One would have wondered how she manages to dive into diverse kinds of attires and outfit and still so amazing, well we could attribute that to her awesome intelligence in making out a diverse outfit for various occasions. we do not only get to see her In prom dresses but also in casual and simple dressings looking so natural as she makes a great deal in shorts, jean trousers, sleeveless tops, sunglasses, mini gowns, to mention but a few.

    6. Her remarkable appearance in black wears

     Spotting Rita Dominic in black all though is a sight so appealing to the eyes as it suits her skin colour perfectly.  Little wonder her fans found it worthy to display these pictures on their Instagram page.

    7.Her colour sensitivity in wears.

    How she blends her hair-do, her makeovers, nails, accessories and dresses is fascinating, one would always want to have a second glance… this photo displayed on the 7th of April, 2020 attracted over two thousand loving comments.

    8. Rita Dominic slays in Ankara outfits.

    Make way for the slay queen! Rita Dominic’s new twist to Ankara list, it could be quite difficult to flexible blend into varieties of styles. She attracted the commendation of weddingdigestnaija.com as she unravels a unique Ankara design to great delight. She has got over a thousand and five hundred comments on this post she captioned “Eid Mubarak to my Muslim family. Best wishes always!”.

    9. She commends her favourite fashion designer “Lanre Da Silva” for her great designs

    Her Haute gowns and gracious red carpet dresses leave many with some style of inspiration, both fashion designers and other fashionistas.

    Rita in a custom silk dress by Lanre Da Silva Ajayi her favourite designer.

    10.Unrevealing wears of Rita Dominic as a public figure

    One would have thought the fashionista actress here must have been sold deeply into revealing dresses but here she is, looking as breath-snatching as Rita would always look even in her covered outfit with no cleavages or thighs revealed.

    Which of Rita Dominic’s fashion swag is your favourite?


    Written by: Ifeoluwa Esther

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