See Mike Tyson Repeatedly Punched Passenger After He threw A Bottle At Him (Video)

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Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson punched his fellow flight passenger after the person “threw him a water bottle,” Tyson spokesperson person said.

Video coverage that was taken inside the plane showed as Tyson leaning over his seat as he was landing the unknown man punched him repeatedly.

A spokesperson inside the boxing Hall of Fame confirmed that Tyson had one “incident with one aggressive passenger” that harassed him.

Police were there and temporarily detained the two individuals.

One person received treatment at San Francisco International Airport for injuries that didn’t threaten his life.

“The person provided small details of what had happened and refused to fully co-operate with the police investigation,” San Francisco Police Department spokeswoman said in one statement.

They released the two pipo “pending further investigation”.

The department didn’t say who the two pipo is.

The attack happened inside one JetBlue fight on Wednesday night, before it took off from San Francisco to Florida.

The video – pipo TMZ published – didn’t show everything that happened and no water bottle was inside it.

According to TMZ, Tyson had agreed to take photos with the passenger from the beginning of the flight.

But the man continued to harass Tyson, even though Tyson told him to “chill”.

The video of Tyson hitting his fellow passenger included the voice of another person that was calling “hey Mike, Mike”, as if he is trying to calm him while another person tried to push Tyson away.

The passenger’s forehead was shown with what looked like blood.

San Francisco Police Department said he is “aware of the video that possibly captured the incident”, and they sent it to San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office which has jurisdiction over the investigation.

Tyson was no stranger to violence inside and outside the ring.

In 1992, the court convict him of rape and he served three years in prison. In 1997, they disqualified him from one fight after he had bitten one of his opponent’s ears.

And In 1998, Tyson pleaded no contest to one misdemeanour assault after a car accident in Maryland.

Since February 2021, They have reported more than 7,000 unruly passenger incidents in US – though 70% of them involved facemask rules, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

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