‘Flavour VS Kcee’ Who is going to grab more fans with hot new video, 24-hours apart and 15 days into 2014!!

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Wow! Flavour and Kcee drops new music video within 24 hours. Both songs are hot to expectation, but who is going to bag more viewers? Thus! Ikworikwo & Emmah  which is going to be more popular?

Flavour – Ikwokrikwo

Droped Tuesday January 15th 2014

Kcee ft D’banj – Emmah

Droped  Wednesday January 16th 2014.

As you can see, the two music video have the same theme, (African tribal costume). Is this really a coincidence or just a trend in time. Both music is amazing and promising, but who is going to shine more? both Kcee and Flavour had a susccesful 2013, an early start within 15 days into 2014 means a lot, are these prodigious Nigerian singers going to brighten our days with more amazing music this year? lets keep a close eye on this two and see what else they have got in stock for us.





Written by: Noellin Imoh

Pictures: Online source

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