Is Bobrisky’s Body Really Decaying?

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    A recent Instagram video, which was shared by Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okuneye – popularly known as Bobrisky – has been making mouths busy with the unpleasant view.

    Inasmuch as filter was used, a part of his exposed skin, showed red blisters, patches, and other signs of a decaying body. As followers laughed and made funny remarks about the image they were presented with, one would wonder if Bobrisky’s skin is really decaying.

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    The urge to stay relevant in the industry of “looking cute and expensive” was obviously the main reason the crossdresser went under the knife some months ago. Of course he was assumed to have sprayed “pepper” on the internet by posting his banging new body. Trust people to give him the positive reviews he was looking for: “Hot” became the most common comment in his pictures then.

    His recent online clashes with his long time bestie – Tonto Dikeh –  has left people wondering if she was right about him. She had, before his recent video, alleged that the crossdresser has a decaying body. She also said he has a leaking body, and currently smells bad.


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    Was Tonto right? If that’s the case, then the crossdresser would have to return to the doctors who worked on his laps, hips, and whatever part of his body that went under the knife.  Maybe the surgery wasn’t properly done.

    Could it also be a lie from Tonto to get back at him, since they both stated that they can never get back as friends due to trust issues?

    However, there are signs of decay in that video.

    Could it also be he was having a certain type of skin infection? 

    Time will tell.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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