U.S Court Awards Ex-Wife Nicole Young N41bn Against Rapper Dr. Dre In Divorce Settlement

Ex-Wife Nicole Young And Dr. Dre
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Court rules against rapper Dr. Dre in a long-awaited response in a legal case between him and his ex-wife Nicole Young and established how they would share their property.

Dr. Dre who is now a music producer has been ordered by the ruling to pay Nicole N41bn ($100m) in two instalments and she will keep four of their 10 cars Dre will keep seven estates they owned, and full rights to his master recordings, trademarks, and interests in partnerships and trusts as they have officially divorced.

The long and ugly divorce between legendary music star Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole Young has concluded. This is after Dre struck a property settlement with his ex-wife. Dre and Nicole filed their property settlement agreement that will see Dre pay her N41bn ($100m). He will pay half the amount now and the remainder in a year’s time.

Dre to keep seven properties The music producer will keep seven of the properties they own including two homes in Malibu, 2 homes in Calabasas and four properties in Los Angeles.

Dre will also keep the rights to his master recordings and his Apple stocks, which includes proceeds from the sales of Beat by Dre. Nicole gets four cars They also divided their fleet of 10 vehicles, with Nicole getting to keep four.

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