May Edochie Threatens to Sue Actress Over Photoshopped Image With Judy Austin. See Other Times May Publicly React To The Polygamous Saga

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Famous Nollywood actor and politician Yul Chibuike Daniel Edochie married his first wife, May Edochie, at 22 years old in 2004, after dating for six years.
On April 27th, 2022, the actor revealed about taking his fellow actor, Judy Austin, as his second wife, as well as their newborn son. This news meets with backlash from many colleagues and fans and a show of support from others.
The new change now causes a polygamous Saga between the two wives, May Edochie and Judy Austin.

Recently, on Friday, 10th February 2023, an actress by the name of Sarah Chukwukere posts a photoshopped image showing a picture of Yul Edochie, his second wife, Judy Austin and the son she has for him in a family photo of May Edochie and her four children.

The actor’s first wife, May Edochie, threatens to sue the actress, Sarah Chukwukere, for photoshopped images. The original picture is a family of May Edochie and her children during Christmas.

On Friday, May revealed via Instagram about her steps of directing her lawyers to file a suit against the actress Sarah Chukwukere for sharing the edited image of her and her children.

Expressing her anger, she writes in a caption, “it is inconsiderate and demeaning to smear anyone, especially someone you barely knew. I’ve always had a peaceful, joyful and loving family. I worked tirelessly for several years building a beautiful home while managing several businesses successfully.”

“It is evident that some persons have deliberately and desperately tried to taint my reputation and “change the narrative” to suit their agenda. This is unacceptable to me,” she adds.

May Edochie also draws the attention of anyone who tries to do the same to her in the future. She claims that her legal court team are extremely cheerful to dine with anyone who decides not to cease character assassination or defamatory publications in the court of law.

The legal document from May Edochie’s lawyer states that the photoshopped picture by Sarah interprets May Edochie “as part of a polygamous family in which she is a co-wife”, something May has made clear several times that she will not be a party to.

The legal document also states that on a YouTube channel which Daddy Freeze hosted on 27th December 2022 and Sarah, the guest, where she makes some allegations that May Edochie failed in her duties as a wife to her husband, Yul Edochie, which caused the action of him taking Judy Austin as a second wife.

May shares the writ from the court, as the lawsuit demands a public apology from Sarah and a retraction of a defamatory publication.

In the list of the law court demands are a public apology, a full retraction of the statement and an assurance that such false utterances will not be made in the future.

If Sarah fails to render an apology, she will be made to pay N500m to May for damages.

Aside from this recent incident involving the Actor, Yul-Edochie’s two wives having a public issue, there are other times May had reacted to the polygamous Saga going on.

  1. The actress Judy Austin known as the second wife of the Actor, Yul-Edochie, takes up her husband, Yul Edochie’s surname months after their wedding.

Recall a check on her Instagram page where it is seen that Judy Austin goes ahead to take down her middle name ‘Muoghalu’, and replaces it with, Yul-Edochie.
Although, it seems like a taunt on the first wife, May Edochie.

However, hours after Judy Austin Edochie fully embraces Edochie’s surname, May Edochie breaks the silence and shares a photo of her in Igbo attire on her Instagram page. May reveals her Igbo name, Amaka. May Edochie goes on to refer to herself as ‘Queen May Yul Edochie’. It seems to be a response to Judy, as the timing seems wrong.

  1. Recall when the Nollywood actor Yul Edochie reveals his affair with Judy Austin and his son. The actor claims that it is time for the world to see his little son, Judy Austin, give birth to him.

Although, the actor’s first wife, May Edochie, seems not to be happy about the announcement from her husband. While fans send congratulatory messages in the comment section, May Edochie leaves a comment under her husband’s post that reads: “May God judge the both of you.”

  1. Months after Yul Edochie makes a public announcement with the news of his second marriage and having a child with Judy, his first wife, May also reacts by unfollowing him on social media, even though he still follows her and makes comments on her page.

Following, Yul Edochie later returns the favour from his first wife by also unfollowing her on Instagram months after she stops following him.

However, on Wednesday, 31st August, the actor, Yul-Edochie, re-follows his first wife on Instagram. A few hours later, after Yul re-follows May Edochie, Judy Austin, who keeps facing lots of backlashes since the second wife saga, takes to her Instagram page, listing ‘two traps’ people should avoid falling into.

She writes, “Two traps you need to avoid: 1: Caring what they think! 2: Thinking that they care! Make up your own minds my darlings,”

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